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LF550 High Performance Fairway Mower (2WD)

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The LF550 is a high-performance golf fairway mower that gives you the ability to work for longer with a lighter touch. A large fuel tank and active maintenance diagnostics prevent unnecessary disruptions, and a variety of reel options let you decide what you need for a perfect cut.

Mow with ease with the LF range of larger area, lightweight reel mowers. This high-performance ride-on mower range will give you a consistent cut on the fairway or the sports fields. Outstanding speed and cutting controls combine with power and Jake’s signature cut trusted by generations, to give you superb agility and the ultimate finish. The mowers also have outstanding fuel capacity, allowing you to work for longer, with a lighter touch.

NUMBER AND SIZE 9 or 11 heavy section fairway blades
BLADE MATERIAL Hardened, high manganese carbon steel
CUTTING UNIT LIFT Hand operated, joystick controlled hydraulic lift system, one-touch lift/lower control for all reels

TRACTION DRIVE Variable displacement, electronically controlled hydrostatic drive; 4WD models: SureTrac™ parallel-cross-series traction system, four high-torque wheel motors, 2WD in reverse.
REEL DRIVE Fixed displacement hydraulic motors with FlashAttach quick disconnect coupled reel motors. Standard on-board backlapping.
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 14 gal. (53L) capacity; hydraulic tank oil level monitor and horn alarm; GreensCare biodegradable fluid; full-flow, 10-micron filter. Sideby-side radiator/hydraulic oil cooler.
SERVICE BRAKES Dynamic braking through traction system
PARKING BRAKES Semi-automatic, wet parking brakes integrated in front wheel motors
STEERING Rear wheel, hydrostatic power steering with tilt adjustable steering wheel
MOWING SPEED Selectable up to 11mph (19km/h)
REVERSE SPEED Selectable up to 5mph (8km/h)

WEIGHT (excluding fuel) 2WD 3221lbs (1461kg) 2WD 37.5HP (28kW) 3467lbs (1573kg) 4WD 3552lbs (1611kg) 4WD 50.2HP (37.43kW) 3798lbs (1723kg)
LENGTH (less catchers) 108” (2.74m)
OVERALL HEIGHT (ROPS up) 88” (2.23m)
WHEELBASE 58” (1.5m)
WORKING WIDTH 115” (2.92m)


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LF550 High Performance Fairway Mower (2WD)

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