Our worry-free guarantee.

We understand turf equipment is a big investment. 

That’s why all pre-owned pieces undergo a thorough refurbishment process and include 90-day major parts warranty, plus the option for an extension, to give you peace of mind on every purchase.

What's included.

Our 90-day major parts warranty covers:


Starter, key switch, excessive noise or knocks, excessive smoke, smooth idle, throttle cable, muffler, and fuel lines


Warning lights, fuses, headlights, taillights, brakelights, battery cables, and battery test


Hoses, fittings, lift cylinders, steering cylinder, reel/deck motors, wheel motors, and other hydraulic motors

Cutting Units

Reel life, frame, shields, deck spindle bearings, reel bearings, lift arm bushings, rollers and bearings, basket rollers, caster wheels and bushings, anti-scalp rollers/bearings/shafts, groomer bearings and blades, roller brush bearings/shaft/belts, reel drive belts, groomer drive belts, and height adjustment

General Operation

Reel/deck lift and lower, blades/reels engage and disengage, backlap switch, seat switch, hour meter, parking brake, brakes, steering, forward and reverse speeds, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, drive belts, drive shaft, power take-off, wheel bearings, tie rods, radiator screen, coolant tank, water pump, and all-wheel drive system


Tire condition, rims, frame, hoods and covers, seat, and decals

Options for extension are available on request.

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Shipping made easy.

From your doorstep to our facility and back again, we’ll take care of your equipment. 

We retrieve and ship to all 50 US states and more than 100 countries worldwide, working with fully insured and licensed carriers that use industrial-strength loading and shipping materials.

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