See it for yourself.

A visit to Global Turf is worth the trip. 

Come see our 35,000-square-foot showroom and 8,000-square-foot sales and service center, The Mower Shop.

preowned mowers

While you're here, you can:

  • Tour the facility
  • Meet the team, and see our service in action
  • Get a closer look at our refurbishing process
  • Test drive turf equipment
  • See 250+ pieces of pre-owned equipment that looks and runs like new, for half the price

Did we mention we’re also 30 minutes from the nation’s No. 1 beaches and Busch Gardens Tampa, and about an hour and a half from Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios? 

We’ll cover the cost.

We’re confident that you’ll leave Global Turf with the best equipment, service and prices you love - so much so, that we’ll help fund your visit.  

Make arrangements to see us, and we’ll deduct the price of your coach-class airfare off your first purchase.

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