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Greens King IV Plus, Diesel Greens Mower

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Light, trusted, proven around the world, the Greens King is a reel mower for golf greens. Simple to operate, and easy to maintain, delivering Jake's Signature Cut, Trusted by Generations. Used where quality, reliability and simplicity are paramount.

NUMBER AND SIZE 3 x 22” (56cm) reels; 5” (12.7cm) diameter
BLADE MATERIAL Hardened, high manganese carbon steel
CUTTING UNIT LIFT Hydraulic lift
CUTTING FREQUENCY 0.053”/mph (0.836mm/kph) with 11 blade reels. 0.035”/mph (0.889mm/kph) with 5 blade reels

TRACTION DRIVE Hydraulic motor on each drive wheel
REEL DRIVE Gear-type hydraulic motor; backlap control valve standard
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Hydraulic double action cylinders; 5 gal. (18.9L) capacity; 20-micron, full flow filtration; biodegradable fluid
SERVICE BRAKES Dynamic braking through the hydraulic system
PARKING BRAKES Internal expanding, hand operated
STEERING Power Steering
MOWING SPEED 3.7mph (6km/h)
REVERSE SPEED 6.6mph (10.6km/h)

WEIGHT (excluding fuel) Diesel 1174lbs (532.5kg)
LENGTH (less catchers) 87.5” (2.22m)
OVERALL HEIGHT (ROPS up) 78” (1.98m)
WHEELBASE 51.5” (1.34m)
TRANSPORT WIDTH 50.5” (1.27m)
WORKING WIDTH 70” (1.78m)

Mower Warranty 2 Years

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Greens King IV Plus, Diesel Greens Mower

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