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Turf equipment rental in Florida that meets your turf needs.

When you have a big project or your turf equipment lets you down, we’re ready to help in your time of need. Backed by the largest upgraded rental fleet in the Southeast, we deliver directly to you, when and where you want it.


Rental Packages

We have a variety of packages available that make it easy to get the equipment you need.

2-Day Combo Aerator Package
  • Toro Procore 648
  • Toro Workman
  • Toro ProSweep

Price: $1,400

2 aerator package
Fairway Vericut Combo
  • Tractor
  • Sweeper
  • VC-60

Price: $3,100 a week

fairway vericut combo

Rental Equipment

Aerators 2-day Week Month
Toro ProCore 880 w/tractor $1,800 $3,500
Toro ProCore 1298 w/tractor $850.00 $2,400 $6,000
ProCore 648 $1,350 $3,400
Grimental FA720 w/slicing blades $750 $1,800
Blowers & Vacuums
Blowers & Vacuums 2-day Week Month
Harper TV60RE $1,500 $3,250
Toro Pro Sweep 5200 $450 $750 $1,800
Toro Rake O Vac $1,500 $3,250
Turbine Blower $300 $750
Dethatchers 2-day Week Month
First Products VC-60 Verticutter $750 $900 $2,250
Toro 5410 w/ Verticut Reels $900 $2,250
Greens Rollers
Greens Rollers 2-day Week Month
Salsco Greens Roller w/ Trailer $600 $1,250
Rotary Mowers
Rotary Mowers 2-day Week Month
Toro Grounds Master 4500-D $1,300 $3,250
Toro Grounds Master 3500-D $700 $1,750
Top Dressers
Top Dressers 2-day Week Month
Toro 2500 Top Dresser $500 $750 $1,800
Toro 1800 Top Dresser Truck Mount w/ Workman $750 $950 $2,000
Turfco 1540-EC Top Dresser $500 $750 $1,800
Tycrop MH-400 w/ Spinners, Conveyor, Swivel $750 $1,500 $3,250
Dakota Turf Tender w/ Spinners, Conveyor, Swivel $750 $1,500 $3,250
Tractors 2-day Week Month
Kubota M4900 2WD $850 $2,100
Kubota M5040 2WD $850 $2,100
Kubota M5700 2WD $850 $2,100
Utility Vehicles
Utility Vehicles 2-day Week Month
Toro Workman HD w/ Hyd or similar $400 $950
John Deere TX Turf Gator or similar $200 $500
Fairway Mowers
Fairway Mowers 2-day Week Month
Toro 5510 or similar $850 $2,100
Triplex Greens & Tee Mowers
Triplex Greens and Tee Mowers 2-day Week Month
Toro 3150 or similar $700 $1,750
Trims & Surrounds Mowers
Trims and Surrounds Mowers 2-day Week Month
Toro 3100D or similar $700 $1,750
Trap Rakes
Trap Rakes 2-day Week Month
Toro Sand Pro or similar $600 $1,500
Ventrac Articulating Tractor & Attachments
Ventrac Articulating Tractor & Attachments 2-day Week Month
4500Z Kubota Gas #AJ05514 $1,000
Ventrac MJ840 Contour Mower #CA2708 $350
Ventrac KP450 Power Rake #AC1396 $350
Ventrac 4500Z Kubota Gas Tractor w/ DR450 Groomer #AA01183 $1,100
Ventrac HQ680 Mower, Tough Cut #AD2926 $200
Ventrac KC180 Stump Grinder #AB1507 $200
Ventrac KY400 Trencher #AA1556 $300
Ventrac 4500Z Kubota Gas Tractor w/ MA900 Boom Mower $500
Ventrac HM722 Complete Mower Deck #CD5074 $350
Ventrac MU, MU720 Mower RD #CD5074 $350
Ventrac MT, MT720 SD Offset #AA01266 $350

Why Global Turf?

Whether you need rental equipment for routine maintenance or a special project, we’ve got it.


Affordable and Accessible

With tight budgets and scarce resources, you don’t want the expense of storing and buying specialized equipment you only use a few times a year. That’s why you can rely on us to provide you with the equipment you need, when you need it, at an affordable price.


Flexible & Customized

We offer 2-day, weekly, monthly and long-term rentals, providing custom options for people in a bind. We’ve also got more equipment than listed above, having pretty much everything you need to get it done.


Fast Turnaround Time

We know you’ve got to finish your project in the required time frame, so we make sure to get your rental to you as fast as we can. That means the very next day or the day after for equipment that’s not already booked.


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